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Data Profiling Services

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What is Data Profiling?

Data profiling, in simple terms, refers to a team of experts examining, analyzing, reviewing, and summarizing data to identify quality issues, trends, and data accuracy. It explains the interrelation of data and the venture’s benefits of utilizing it.

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    Elimination of duplicates and high-level assessment of dataset quality
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    Essential part of data prep and the relevant data formats
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    Determine prospective data projects and data-validation
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    Precursor to data analytics and insights into target profiles

Types of Data Profiling

Companies use data profiling at the beginning of a project to determine if they have collected enough data, if any data can be repurposed, and if the project is worthwhile. A data profile may be based on corporate criteria that show how it conforms to organizational norms and objectives.

Structure Discovery

Structure Discovery

This emphasizes the data formatting, ensuring that data is consistent and uniform. It provides data validity information using basic statistical analysis. It ensures that the math and structure are just right.

Content Discovery

Content Discovery

Discover promptly whether specific fields of information are missing. This process evaluates each piece of data’s quality by identifying ambiguous, missing, and null values.

Relationship Discovery

Relationship Discovery

This identifies connections, similarities, differences, and associations between various data sources. Uncover how excels, tables, addresses, and more interact with one another as well as with your company.

Key Features of Quality Data Profiling Services

Several ventures are left stranded because they misjudge the enormous potential of the data they possess for growth. Data profiling service provider hits the scene and is ready to help with marketing automation and scale-up marketing and sales initiatives.

With our affordable data profiling services, ventures can rely on us for credible, authentic, and error-free data that aid data-driven projects and gain insights into data relations.

With automation and profiling services, businesses can get a sense of the relationship between data, get hands-on accurate predictive analysis and reach out to correct the highlighted data quality issues.

Our services aid in keeping data centralized and organized. Profiling does not just aid the organization but also explains the risks, opportunities, and trends by ingesting data.

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DataCaptive's Assurance on Data Profiling Services

Let DataCaptive identify and fix bugs in your data sets and make business hassle-free. Our services are thorough and accurate and pin down the relationship between data for better business and sales.

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    Increased efficiency
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    Reduced wastage of marketing budget
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    Personalized connections to leads
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    Increased conversion rate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data profiling refers to examining, reviewing, and summarizing data to gain insight into the quality of the data. These procedures are used to look into the accuracy, completeness, consistency, timeliness, and accessibility of the data. Additionally, data profiling enables businesses to understand source data and the structure, content, and interrelationship of data with each other.

A data profiler—an expert who studies the collected data closely—provides the interlinking attributes and highlights issues in the data. They work out the math and comb through the data for accessibility and structure definitions.

DataCaptive is renowned for its customer and business-friendly services that are provided at pocket-friendly prices and top-quality data in inboxes. Our data profiling services are cost-effective and offer unmatched quality service in the market. In case of queries, contact us at [email protected] or raise a ticket at DataCaptive Support.

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