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Human Verified Contact Data follows a human verification process. A state-of-the-art market survey and validation system back up the procedure. Get direct access to potential clients and empower the sales & marketing team. Shoot up ROI with B2B human intelligence.

We set the highest bar for privacy and security
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Why choose DataCaptive?

Stringent data-verification system

Stringent data-verification system:

Our team of data experts mines thee data and validates it through a 7-tier verification process followed by Al, manual check, and an opt-in process.

Timely delivery

Timely delivery:

Prompt data delivery in .xls and.csv formats that easily integrates into any CRM tool.

Top-quality database

Top-quality database:

Our qualitative database outperforms your expectations

Email deliverability & Accuracy

Email deliverability & Accuracy:

85% email deliverability and 95% accuracy on data points

100% replacement

100% replacement:

If hard bounces exceed guaranteed limits, get an immediate replacement. We even provide credit or refund for inaccurate contacts.

247 customer support service

24*7 customer support service:

Round-the-clock customer service assistance and 360-degree database solutions

Dealing with sales and marketing hassles is easier now!

Get those sales figures flowing with lesser efforts! DataCaptive’s human-verified information optimizes conversions. Deliver the right message to maximize business success. Connect to decision-makers and close increased leads. Generate improved revenue witha database having 98+ million contacts.Build your customer base with targeted marketing campaigns.

Reach your greatest marketing potential with supercharged campaigns. Channelize on the most Accurate B2B Contacts available industry wide.

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Our Data is Backed up with the Faith of 5,000+ Clients!

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Leif Magnuson

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Difference Between Al & Human Verified Data


Cost per lead Quantity vs

Verification Frequency and

Chances of Error

New Contacts vs Older


Performance and Accuracy
Return on Investment


Lesser cost per lead, reduced chances
of customer-conversion

Cannot Identify every error, despite
the number of times verified

Generates new contacts rapidly but
reduced efficiency to verify older ones

Single Verification-Overlooks the
minute details

Short-term results
Human Verified Data
Cost justifies quality data for closing leads, creating more sales opportunities
Catches minute error required before the final sales call verification
Generates new contacts and also efficiently verifies the older ones
Double verification – Combination of great Al performance & human accuracy
Yields better results in the longer run

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