Account-Based Sales (ABS) is a strategic prospecting method of selling to highly valued and targeted accounts. Instead of focusing on contact level prospects, the aim is to target pre-qualified accounts simultaneously.

Prioritize Accounts That Matter the Most With Account-Based Sales

Account Based Sales

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targeted accounts

How We Work?

1 Group 1

Identify the high-value prospect accounts

2 Group 1

Attract targeted prospectsicon

3 Group 1

Recognize qualified leads

4 Group 1

Measure the KPI’S (Connect, pass and pipeline rate)

5 Group 1

Engage & Close deals

6 Group 1

Design highly personalized content

Organizing your database depends on a number of factors like the industry and the job title of your prospects. Begin your process with a verified database of targeted and pre-qualified accounts.

Who is ABS for?


Companies with complex sales interaction


Businesses with lengthier sales cycle


Organizations that require approval of several decision makers


Enterprises with a higher chance of up-selling and cross selling

Our ABS planning starts with personalized accounts, not just propositions

Who are we trying to approach?
(Targeted accounts)

What are we saying?

Where should we be
saying it?

Who are we trying to approach?
(Targeted accounts)

What are we saying?
(Personalized content)

Who are we trying to
(Targeted accounts)



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