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B2B lead nurturing campaigns enable you to develop relations with the potential buyer at each stage of the sales funnel that ensure you generate more customers.

DataCaptive™’s B2B lead nurture strategy aims to:

Lead Nurturing

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Do you know what happens if you don’t nurture your leads?

  • Capture junk leads that don’t fit your ideal buyer persona
  • Potential leads leak out from the sales funnel
  • Lost sales opportunity as 40-50% of leads are not followed-up
  • High converting prospects get stuck in the bottom-of-funnel
  • Unoptimized use of budget and other resources

Lack of lead nurturing not only affects your sales funnel but also impacts your revenue engine! Choose DataCaptive™’s Business Lead Nurturing plan and convert every qualified lead into a customer!

DataCaptive™’s sales-winning lead nurturing process.

Capture leads

Capture leads through an opt-in marketing list of your targeted prospects and segments them based on sales attributes, objectives, and goals.

lead captured

With the lead captured, you can nurture them through lead nurturing campaigns with marketing automation services, combined with educative content.

Convert leads

Educate, inform, and build trust with your leads and guide the top-of-the-funnel leads to the bottom-of-the-funnel toward making them sales-ready.


Further nurture to retain existing customers with recurring referral programs, campaigns, and incentives that encourage repeat purchases.

DataCaptive™ allows you to strategize a nurturing plan suitable for your target audience and leverage targeted content to solve their pain points. With an effective lead nurturing strategy, businesses can expect recurring sales and high profits.

Did U Know

Businesses that adopt lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lowered acquisition cost.

Without lead nurturing

tick Negligible response rates
tick Rate of unqualified leads increases
tick Missed follow-up leads to a lost sales opportunity
tick Leads get stuck in the sale cycle
tick Low conversion rates

With lead nurturing

tick High engagement rates
tick Increases number of qualified leads
tick Effective follow-up enables revenue-generating sales opportunity
tick Convert leads into customer
tick Improved conversion rates

360 degree business solutions at DataCaptive™

Prospect, Engage, Nurture, Convert, and Retain

Our Lead nurturing model utilizes the following campaign methods to nurture your leads effectively!

Email marketing

Capture Leads
Capture opt-in leads

Engage with top and middle-of-the-funnel leads to capture and convert into potential prospects

Execute targeted marketing campaigns with educative, informing, and promotional content

Direct traffic to the website

Increase conversion rates

Account-based marketing

Capture Leads

Nurture qualified leads through multi-channel

Engage with bottom-of-the-funnel leads and customers to acquire and retain respectively

Generate hyper-personalized series of emails to induce interest in making a purchase

Persuade repeat purchases through up-sell & cross-sell

Increase revenue growth rate


Capture Leads

Re-engage prospects with triggered campaigns through automation

Engage with middle and bottom-of-the-funnel leads to inform and Persuade to take actions

Provide incentives through trials, offers and discount campaigns for faster conversion

bring more prospects into the funnel or older leads back into the funnel and pipeline

Improve conversion rates

With an opt-in prospect list, we employ the best marketing and sales strategies that are thoroughly A/B tested to maximize your output for high profitability.


We are often asked by our client base that how can they measure the success of their lead nurture campaigns?

Lead nurturing can be measured by the following metrics to establish its success rate.

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Real-time benefit from lead management

Lead Nurturing
Engagement and retention

Convert high potential prospects with lead nurturing.

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Difference between an MQL & an SQL

Marketing Qualified Leads

– Middle of consideration stage of the buyer’s journey

– Have only interacted through a CTA on your website

– Require nurturing and persuasion Sales Qualified Leads

Sales Qualified Leads

– Closer to the decision stage of the buyer’s journey

– Have communicated with a sales executive through call or email

– Ready for a direct sales pitch


Where does MQL & SQL fit in the sales journey?

Visitor -> Lead -> MQL -> SQL -> Sales conversion MQL and SQL are important for conversions and only after an MQL is nurtured over a period of time, they are converted into an SQL.

How do you find the conversion rate of leads generated?

Expected conversion rate = No: of MQL/ No: of SQL.

  • How important is lead nurturing?

    Lead nurturing is a practice that businesses follow as soon as a lead is generated. Lead nurturing is the next step after lead generation and focuses on developing relationships with leads to nurture them at every stage of their buying process. It helps nurture cold leads to become sales-ready. Lead nurturing can be automated to ensure that every lead is interacted and engaged. Nurtured leads are known to make 47% larger purchases and generate 50% more sales.

  • What strategies can I implement to nurture leads?

    Lead nurturing can be strategized by Email Marketing, Drip Campaigns, Triggered Emails, Account-Based Marketing, Multi-channel & Omni-channel Nurturing, Social Media Retargeting, and more.

  • Is your lead nurturing plan flexible to suit different audiences?

    Lead nurturing segments and targets your prospect list with personalized campaigns. Lead nurturing allows businesses to set goals based on sales attributes and filter your audience based on location, product interest, engagement level, and current buying journey. DataCaptive™ custom lead nurture solutions nurture different audiences effectively to convert new prospects to established customers.

  • What happens if I don’t nurture my leads?

    • Rate of Unqualified leads increase
    • Lack of lead engagement
    • Leads fall through the sales funnel
    • Missed follow-ups
    • Leads get stuck in the sale cycle
    • Low conversion rate

  • Can small businesses benefit from lead nurturing?

    Lead nurturing is for everybody irrespective of their business type, industry vertical, revenue, and employee size. Lead nurturing is beneficial for businesses ranging from start-ups, small businesses, MNC’s, and even fortune 500 companies. Nurturing your leads creates a smooth lead flow through the sales funnel while also building brand awareness and loyalty. It gives businesses the platform to introduce their product, unique solutions to customer pain points, and differentiate themselves from their competition.

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