b2b contact data segmentation

Identify Target Market Segment

Segmentation helps in focused prospecting, precise branding, and faster revenue growth.

WE HELP YOU WIN MORE DEALS with B2B Data Lists/Contacts

Segmentation helps you connect and engage with appropriate decision makers while clustering helps fine tune your target segment. Our application supports both Segmentation and Clustering and we have simplified it for use. We will help you increase your sales while reducing your marketing costs.


Drive profitability, increased sales and rapid growth powered by B2B contact data lists that are fine tuned. Feed your Sales and Marketing funnel with accurate and precise leads. We are your partners in profitability and our service is what we pride on. We will do everything needed to help you succeed.

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Data Appending Services

Incomplete and inaccurate information can greatly damage the chances of making successful sales transactions. Lately, maintaining data quality has become a necessity for every B2B business to sustain an intact database, design successful marketing campaigns and crack profitable deals.
Full Contact Appending Services

Full Contact Appending is important in the present changing global market to prevent your contact database from becoming obsolete. At DataCaptive, we realize the importance of acquiring a business contact database for B2B marketing  read more.

Social Profile Appending Services

Social media marketing has become an irreplaceable part of a successful marketing strategy. DataCaptive’s Social Profile Appending helps to append social media contact details from various social networks. With social profile data appending read more.

Email Appending Services

An outdated email database can fairly reduce deliverability and communication with potential business prospects. The soaring prices of printing and postage inhibit consistent business conversations with clients. Email Marketing has emerged as a beacon of hope and renders marketers a means read more.

Phone Appending Services

Access to an accurate list of phone numbers can favor your telemarketing campaign positively. DataCaptive’s Phone Appending service helps to communicate with millions of prospects and businesses. We provide an extensive and qualified phone number list to fine tune your existing database. read more.

C-level Executives are high-ranking top-level officers within an organization.

C-level Executives are the most influential and powerful individuals in the organization. They are responsible for the development of major company strategies, deciding on high stake decisions and ensuring smooth daily operations to meet strategic business objectives.

With Our C-level Mailing List get connected with key decision makers to achieve brand recognition and crack lucrative deals. C-level Executives are the final authority on purchase decision-making hence, reaching these individuals can open a plethora of opportunities for the sale of your products and services.


  • Name
  • Title
  • Postal Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Social Profile details etc.

With the immense amount of data related to C-level Executives, we aim to assist you in running more efficient marketing campaigns, acquire better website traffic and achieving a larger ROI.

Job Position or function is the departmental area within an organization to which an individual has been assigned. Job Level, on the other hand, indicates the level of seniority the designated individual holds. Getting connected with the right job titles can fairly simplify things for a marketer, since this helps them in designing apt marketing strategies and running campaigns that will surely help in achieving more conversions.

With Our Job Position Specific Mailing List, getting information about any particular job title holder within your target organizations is now as easy as 1,2,3. Reach job position holders such as accounting executives, administrators, human resources officers etc. within a range of industries such as IT, healthcare, agriculture, automobiles etc. and market your products and services to these individuals. Our mailing lists help you develop a diverse network of contacts so that you grow your business and win revenue.


  • Name
  • Title
  • Postal Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Social Profile details etc.

Our segmented Job position list helps you reach out to your targeted prospects and increases your customer engagement.

Professionals are individuals that hold a certain position within an organization based on their set of skills and qualification. Reaching top professionals that are a part of your target audience can significantly multiply your chances of acquiring leads and deals.
With Our Professionals Email & Mailing List, get connected with top professionals from across the globe and run successful multichannel marketing programs. Our mailing lists contain data pertaining to a large number of professionals so that you can market products and services specifically to your target audience.


  • Name
  • Title
  • Postal Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Social Profile details etc.

Our professional mailing list lets you advance your targeted prospects to the next stage of the sales funnel.

Occupation is a code assigned by The Standard Occupational Classification system (SOC) of the U.S. Government for classification of all occupations based on collected occupational data. We provide contact lists segmented based on Occupations that deliver actionable marketing insights to aid in developing campaigns for specific occupation segments.

With our Occupation-based Mailing lists, get precise contact information of individuals pertaining to a range of occupations and market your products and services strategically to grow your business and earn ROI.

Healthcare Mailing List

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Healthcare practitioners are individuals that work in different sectors of the Healthcare Industry extending a range of medical services. Whether you manufacture healthcare products or offer medical services, healthcare practitioners and specialists are the people you need to connect with to promote your products & services.

Attain top selling Healthcare Email List as per specific industry sectors:

Hospitals Hospital Management Health Information
Healthcare insurance Mobile Healthcare Dentistry
Pharmacy Publications Clinics
Pathology Clinics Emergency Department Pediatrics

With our Healthcare Email List, get connected with well-known Practitioners from around the world. DataCaptive’s Healthcare Mailing List provide complete contact information of medical professionals that will surely aid marketers in getting an edge over competition & driving campaigns that win profit.

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